Through years of practice and countless mistakes, Valeri and Christina have mastered the art of buttercream techniques. They have pioneered numerous techniques that are now being widely used in the cake industry. They have exquisite attention to details and love to play with colours. They take inspiration from anything beautiful around them. Curtains, fabrics, wallpapers, paintings…and then they translate them into a cake design making their work unique and original.

That very day they received an email from a Publisher, was one of their most unforgettable days in their lives. It was so surreal. F&W Media International LTD. (Now David & Charles) made one of our dreams come true…and it changed their lives since.

Through the pages of each of Valeri and Christina’s books, you will probably hear their voices echoing in the background as you read the instructions… “squeeze your piping bag more.. do not lift.. move your hand up and down…” because they want to make sure you do not make the same mistakes they did over and over when they were still learning.

The ladies’ have made sure that each page is full of creativity, clear and concise instructions with the help of lovely those “Tiny Tips” to make sure they cover everything and share everything they know.

” We never have thought that one day, we will make history. (tears of joy). “


The Contemporary Buttercream Bible

Published April 2014

Also available in:


100 Buttercream Flowers

Published April 2015

Also available in:


Buttercream One Tier Wonders

Published March 2016


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A Message from the Authors

“Each of all our Books is our gift to YOU…because you guys are just simply AWESOME! Without all of you who believed in us, who supported us, who inspired us…we would not get to where we are now… so, THANK YOU.

Like any of you, we have started from nothing. We are completely self taught. We have started from small cupcakes..then cakes..then towering cakes. But along the way, we have made countless mistakes and cake disasters. (Didn’t we all?) So when we were blessed with a chance to write a book, we have made sure that all the techniques that we share, are reliable and have been tried and tested.

Each and every pages in all our books are filled with love and passion and inspiration. Any book purchase, comes with these…weather you like it or not!

“Take inspiration from the projects in our books and create your own style. Don’t just recreate them…Re-invent them!

Change the colors themes…add your style… mix & match the techniques and you’ll be surprised of what you can do.”