Our Buttercream

Fool-proof. Weather-proof. Tried and Tested. 100% AWESOME.


BUTTERCREAM is definitely BACK as Valeri and Christina have successfully revived the age-old buttercream art and made it so fashionable and trendy as it is now.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes has modified the “classic” buttercream recipe (some call it American Buttercream) into a weather-proof and a fool-proof recipe that anyone can easily do. All ingredients can be locally resourced so you do not have to worry that you will have to spend so much money in importing ingredients just to make a perfect batch of buttercream.

The complete recipe with step by step photos on how to make their buttercream can be found on all their books and of course demonstrated at the beginning of all their master classes. Their recipe is a “crusting type” of buttercream. This enables you to be able to smooth your cake surface like a “fondant-finish”, only it tastes better 🙂 So if one day, people ask you if your cake is covered and decorated with fondant, smile, because that is truly a complement!

  • Melts in the mouth
  • Perfect Piping Consistency
  • NO need for lots of tools/equipments
  • INSTANT result
  • Very affordable ingredients
  • NO drying time..NO downtime
  • Quick and Easy to prepare
  • Piping techniques can also be applied to Royal Icing and SMBC
  • Stable and Weather-proof


Abu Dhabi and India


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