Smart… Sexy and Sleek!

Switch and Swap Couture Cake Stands are the cake stands of your dreams!
Another Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes’ brilliant innovation, it features a  CLEVER CAKE STAND SYSTEM that enables you to design your own cake stand. You can switch and swap the plates and pedestals to ANY colour or shape…AND, extend it to make it tall or remove extender to make it short!
Now you can give in to your Cake Stand OBSESSION without worrying where or how to keep them as these can be kept in separate parts. You can (secretly) keep them all in your drawers! (Consider this our WARNING!)
Do you like it SHORT???   Pedestal + Plate = 5in (13cm)   1.3kgs – 1.7kgs
Do you like it TALL???  Pedestal + Extender + Plate = 7.5in (19cm)   1.5kgs – 1.9kgs
Do you like it EVEN TALLER???  Pedestal + 2 Extenders + Plate = 9.8in (25cm)   1.6kgs – 2kgs