Local and International Cake Shows and Master Classes schedule.

We started just like you. (we are not superwomen or genius..not at all!)

There were times that we have already given up..then tried again. sleep..but we carried on. We definitely know how hard it is to establish a business, to find your niche and to be competitive in a cake community that is only getting bigger and bigger everyday. It could also be expensive as well. (a very expensive “hobby”, isn’t it?)

We understand you. We want to help you. And by saying this, we want to make sure that you get the most of every penny you will invest in our class. We do not keep any secrets..we share everything we know to make you understand everything and make sure you will be able to apply the techniques in any of your future cake projects. You can also be assured that all the techniques that we share in classes, except the flower piping techniques, will stay in classes and will never be in any Craftsy video, tutorials, blogs, etc.


Learn only from the BEST. Learn from the MASTERS!


Do you want to invite the ladies to come and share their BUTTERCREAM expertise in your school or as guests in your Show, please send a message to or use the Contact Form.

UK Classes

London Master Classes are held at QoHCC HQ in Uxbridge (UB8). Full address is given on Class Confirmation.

LIVERPOOL, UK (The Secret Cake Kitchen) September 01, 2018

International Master Classes

World-class teachers and innovative techniques. Join Valeri & Christina as they spread buttercream LOVE globally.

Australia (September)

Cake Decorating Solutions/Bake Boss

Manila, Philippines (Gourdo’s) October 12-14, 2018

Call to book at 812-3022

Cake Shows & Installations

Catch Valeri & Christina appearing at various Cake Shows or trevelling from one country to the other spreading the Buttercream LOVE.

Cakeology Show

Mumbai, India – October 05-07

Cake International Show

Birmingham UK – Nov 2-4

Cake, Bake & Sweets Show

Sydney, Australia – Nov 23-25

Cake, Bake & Sweets Show

Melbourne, Au – Nov 30-Dec 02

Join us as we paint the world with BUTTERCREAM!

Let’s GO #TeamBUTTERCREAM smile

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