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``We do not just teach you how to make beautiful cakes using 100% BUTTERCREAM... We make sure that you truly understand everything about it. That is our PROMISE.``

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is world renowned for their mastery of “Contemporary Buttercream Art” and this makes them if not exclusive, one of the very few in the WORLD. Their exquisite designs and new techniques makes them in demand. They are based in London and teach UK wide, also in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and the rest of world. Most of the classes that they teach are their ORIGINAL so you would not find any other artists who teach those techniques anywhere in the world. All the classes are headed by Valeri and Christina, two teachers, thus, giving each student maximum attention in the class.

Do you want to invite the ladies to come and share their BUTTERCREAM expertise in your school or as guests in your Show, please send a message to or use the Contact Form.

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