As you have now probably known, Valeri and Christina are completely self-taught. From that moment they have discovered their passion for buttercream, they have never stopped practicing. As much as they wanted to attend classes then, unfortunately, buttercream cake decorating courses were not popular and available at that time. So they have made use of youTube videos, online tutorials and blogs as their main resources.

It was a very challenging process. They have worked countless hours, made a lots of mistakes, wasted so many butter and icing sugar, broke few hand mixers..the long list could go on. But all these did not really stop them. Instead, these became their inspiration. Not only that they were very keen on perfecting their craft..but also, they wanted to prove that buttercream is not just for filling cakes.

When they were given a chance to showcase their talent at the Cake International Show London in 2012, they made the most of it. It was their first ever live demonstration in front of so many people. They were very nervous and their whole body was literally shaking, but no body knew. Consequently, they had inquiries and requests for buttercream cake decorating classes.

They braved announcing their first Buttercream Floral Cupcake Class in May 2012-they had 1 student. Then on the next, they had 2..then3..then 4..then 6..then the next thing they knew, they were invited to different countries to hold Buttercream Master Classes.

From 1 student, then 2, then 3..back in 2012…

Our Promise...

We started just like you. (we are not superwomen or genius..not at all!)

There were times that we have already given up..then tried again. Tired..no sleep..but we carried on. Then practiced again… There was a time that we were even juggling 2 jobs but because we were passionate (meaning obsessed) about buttercream and very eager to learn, we again, carried on.

We definitely know how hard it is to establish a business, to find your niche and to be competitive in a cake community that is only getting bigger and bigger everyday. It could also be expensive as well. (a very expensive “hobby”, isn’t it?)

We understand you. We want to help you. And by saying this, we want to make sure that you get the most of every penny you will invest in our class. We do not keep any secrets..we share everything we know to make you understand everything and make sure you will be able to apply the techniques in any of your future cake projects. You can also be assured that all the techniques that we share in classes, except the flower piping techniques, will stay in classes and will never be in any Craftsy video, tutorials, blogs, etc.

…To COUNTLESS happy students worldwide!

Countries that have been BUTTERCREAM-IZED