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Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is a multi award winning cake company based in London. Founded in June 2011, the company is headed by Cake Artists and bestfriends, Valeri and Christina.  It was by a sweet accident that these ladies discovered their passion and talent. On Mother’s Day 2011, these ladies wanted to give their two friends whom they consider their “second-mums” something special but not expensive and decided to just bake for them. They scoured the internet and stumbled on a tutorial about making a Sunflower Cupcake using a ziploc-bag improvise. This was when they first fell in love with buttercream, piping different flowers and so they never stopped since.

Valeri and Christina take immense pride in their mastery of BUTTERCREAM ART and this makes Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes exclusive in London area and one of the very few who specializes in the same kind in the whole of UK and probably around the world as well. Their goal is to revive and modernize this age-old art and this reflects on their creations. They have also won several awards in various prestigious cake competitions in the country. Completely self-taught as they are, these ladies offer the most intensive and extensive buttercream techniques  through classes in Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

Renowned globally for their edible works of art using nothing else but BUTTERCREAM as their decorating medium, Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes has been featured in numerous well known magazines, local and international news, magazines and have appeared in various TV Shows. They have also been highlighted as international Cake Stars in different renowned Cake Shows internationally as they teach, do demonstrations and showcase their masterpieces.

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes always deliver Originality… Sophistication… Quality… PERFECTION.






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Our Goal

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes’ main goal is to SPREAD THE LOVE OF BUTTERCREAM. They are constantly innovating to bring about new ideas and techniques that they can share with their students and followers all over the world. They aim to make people realize that buttercream is not just a combination of butter and sugar…but this combo does make MAGIC!



``Dream BIG. Keep INNOVATING. Create your own style. Make the most of the chance given to you and BE THE BEST.``