There are quite a lot of online cake decorating schools but not so much of (or maybe none) online school exclusively for buttercream. Not anymore! Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy is a comprehensive online cake decorating platform and the ONLY subscription you will ever need in exploring endless possibilities using buttercream as a decorating medium.


£ 134.99
  • Lifetime access - watch PREMIUM videos anytime and anywhere
  • Total of 85 creative and innovative courses (valued at £40 each)
  • Total value is MASSIVE £3,400. That is a whopping 96% DISCOUNT
  • 20% discount on all our Zoom classes and physical classes hosted by us
  • STRICTLY 48hr cancellation policy

With this first ever Food Grade CERTIFIED and ingenious Cake Cloth, you can get a flawless finish, simply by using the cloth to smooth any bumps or ridges in your crusting buttercream cake surface. From the simplest cakes to creating wedding cakes, exhibition cakes or cakes for large events, the result is Perfection!

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