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Valeri & Christina’s contribution to the innovation of Buttercream Art is simply unparalleled.With their experience of writing 4 bestselling buttercream books translated into several languages, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, as well as participating in international exhibitions and television shows, having Valeri & Christina as your instructors will ensure that you receive nothing but the BEST quality buttercream classes and mentoring.

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Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Techniques


From the basics of handling the palette knife with finesse to advanced buttercream sculpting and layering techniques, this book is a comprehensive resource, suitable for all skill levels each accompanied by detailed illustrations and pro tips.

  • frosting and cake recipes
  • 21 cake projects
  • 25 2D flowers
  • 7 3D sculpture palette knife painting flower techniques


Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Book

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You can now easily access amazing classes with just a few clicks and learn from the comfort of your own home and your own pace. Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy offers a variety of courses to suit everyone. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or a pro, we have a lot of helpful tutorials that will surely inspire you and help you grow.

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Valeri & Christina

Founded by two best friends, Valeri and Christina, who share the same passion. From that “sweet accident” when they discovered their talents, the duo never stopped believing in the power of BUTTERCREAM. They have persevered and continuously innovated. From that very humble beginning, their company has now grown from strength to strength and has become the multi-award winning and world renowned company that we all know today.

4 Bestselling Buttercream Books to date! Each page of their books is full of creativity, clear and concise instructions with the help of lovely photos…plus those “Tiny Tips” to make sure they cover and share everything they know.These are must-have’s for anyone who wants to explore on using buttercream as their cake decorating medium. Each book is packed with lots of ideas that you can mix and match for your future projects.

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