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Valeri & Christina have a couple of online classes to kick-off your buttercream journey. Video tutorials are also a great way to learn as you will be able to have a visual guide on how to create each project step by step. These projects are packed with lots of tips and techniques and are very convenient too as you can watch them at your own pace, anywhere and at any time.

Unbelievable Buttercream Techniques

Make buttercream cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious, with guidance from award-winning cake experts Christina Ong and Valeri Valeriano! First, learn how to mix color into your buttercream for natural-looking and two-toned effects. Then, pipe ravishing roses, stylish succulents and gorgeous ranunculuses, and get Christina’s expert tips for confidently piping directly on your cake. Up next, learn the secrets to creating realistic flowers, from hydrangeas to sunflowers. And explore the world of woven texture as you create a raffia basketweave, an intricate woven design and a simple flat weave. Plus, take your texture to a whole new level with knitting effects and a three-colored chevron pattern you truly can’t miss! Finally, bring the look of delicate lace to your cakes and prepare for the “oohs” and “ahhs” your results will receive.

Innovative Buttercream Techniques

Create the dreamiest and most delicious cakes your clients have seen or tasted. Use luscious buttercream and new techniques to make three uniquely enticing designs. Use melt-in-your-mouth buttercream and innovative methods to create inspired cake designs alongside Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong, the owners of London’s famous Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes. Find out how to make their signature buttercream recipe, tint it to any color — even tricky hues like black and red — and pipe it with confidence. Transfer gorgeous patterns onto your cakes and fill them with dots of buttercream bursting with color and dimension. Learn to mark and pipe an elegant web of delicate lace. Uncover the secrets of using palette knives to blend colors beautifully and create textured backgrounds abloom with vibrant flowers. Achieve the ultimate in irresistible cakes as you create alluring designs with heavenly buttercream.

Buttercream Flower Basket Cake

“In this Project, Guest Tutor Valeri Valeriano  of Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes will show you how to make this gorgeous buttercream floral basket cake with piped Roses, Sunflowers and leaves.” Valeri will take you step by step on how to cover your cake, put your guide marks and pipe your weaves, the Queen of Hearts way. This basketweave style is their very own and they are happy to share it with you. Then what is more perfect than adorning your basket with some gorgeous flowers?? So Valeri will explain how to pipe perfect Roses, Sunflowers and finish off your cake with leaves!

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