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Busy schedule? Can’t align your schedule with a Group class? Do not want to be in a Group class at all? Or do you just want us for yourselves??? For whatever reason you have, we can help you make that happen in an Exclusive Master Class. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we can agree on a certain date that we are both free.

Whatever your level of experience is, you are welcome at any Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Master Classes. Everything you will need to learn from making the buttercream, understanding how to stack your cake, crumbcoat, cover and smooth the cake will soon become just basic to you with the expert guidance from Valeri and Christina. Since it is becoming harder and harder for them to organize local classes as much as they wanted to because of the overwhelming invitation they receive to teach worldwide (and because they also love to travel as well), a lot of people take advantage of their EXCLUSIVE MASTER CLASSES.

People of all walks of like who has the same passion come to their classes whether near or far. They had doctors, Scientist (seriously!), Judges, crafters, wives of the Ambassadors of different countries (we could not say), normal housewives, daughter of a multi-millionaire businessman (and we gave her the same simple sandwich we give to everyone [oops!]), normal daughters, and even taught the head cake decorator of The Bellagio (in Las Vegas, USA) AND taught few flower piping strokes to the HEAD PASTRY CHEF himself!

So yes, everyone with the same passion, beginner or a pro, come to us to learn and to further their cake knowledge…or they are just busy and could not wait for our next local classes. For whatever reason you have, you are welcome to our class.

Below are some options you can choose from but please do not hesitate to contact them should you require a more tailored class.

Stained Glass Art Technique


Buttercream Imprinting Technique


Beadwork Piping Technique


Intensive Flower Piping Technique


Buttercream Bas Relief Technique


Palette Knife Painting Technique


You can choose from any of the BASIC TECHNIQUES above and mix and match to tailor your exclusive class:

Stained Glass Art Technique, Buttercream Imprinting Technique, Buttercream Beadwork Piping Technique, Buttercream Bas, Relief Technique, Basic Palette Knife Painting, Sculpture Palette Knife Painting and 6 Basic Flower Piping Class.


Exclusive Buttercream Master Class
£ 595
  • 1 Day Exclusive Class (1-3 courses) – £595
  • £225 x 3 = £675
  • OR 1 Day Intensive Flower Piping
  • You can SAVE up to £80-£100


Exclusive Buttercream Master Class
£ 1000
  • 2 Day Exclusive Class (5-6 courses) – £1000
  • £225 x 5 = £1125 OR £225 x 6 = £1350
  • £225 x 5 = £1125 OR £225 x 6 = £1350
  • You can SAVE up to £125-£350


Exclusive Buttercream Master Class
£ 1500
  • 3 Day Exclusive Class (ALL courses) – £1500
  • Completely tailored
  • You can SAVE up to £500

 Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes is world renowned for their mastery of “Contemporary Buttercream Art” and this makes them if not exclusive, one of the very few in the WORLD. Their exquisite designs and new techniques makes them in demand. Their contribution to this artistry is unparalled and incomparable to any other artists because most of the techniques are developed by them. They are based in London and teach UK wide, also in Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, Australia and the rest of world. Most of the classes that they teach are their ORIGINAL so you would not find any other artists who teach those techniques anywhere in the world. All the classes are headed by Valeri and Christina, two teachers, thus, giving each student maximum attention in the class.


If they can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

exclusive class 1
exclusive class 1
exclusive class 1
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