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Valeri & Christina’s contribution to the innovation of Buttercream Art is simply unparalleled.With their experience of writing 4 bestselling buttercream books translated into several languages, receiving numerous awards and recognitions, as well as participating in international exhibitions and television shows, having Valeri & Christina as your instructors will ensure that you receive nothing but the BEST quality buttercream classes and mentoring.

Learn from the comfort of your home!​


You can now easily access amazing classes with just a few clicks and learn from the comfort of your own home and your own pace. Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy offers a variety of courses to suit everyone. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist, or a pro, we have a lot of helpful tutorials that will surely inspire you and help you grow.

Trust the Masters!


Learn from the Master Innovators themselves through videos with full step by step and clear instructions to create certain projects from start to finish. Valeri and & Christina will also be sharing lots of invaluable tips and tricks for you to be able to create edible works of art. Gain the knowledge and confidence to make any buttercream cake design you dream of, and become innovators as well. Their story could become your story too!

Best self investment

Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy promises quality and dedication. We will provide our students regular video contents and so much more. See what’s in store for you when you sign up.
Can I download course videos?

We do not allow downloading of our video courses from the site. However, as long as you are a member with an active subscription (or Basic subscription for free courses), you will have 24/7 access to all the videos while signed in to our site.

If you opt to buy individual course/s, you will be able to have a lifetime access to the particular video/s you paid for through our website.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Absolutely! Although we hope you wouldn’t, you may cancel your subscription anytime via your membership dashboard. Please note though, that cancelling your subscription means also losing your access to all member-exclusive video courses.

What are your payment methods?

We accept payments from most major card companies through PayPal. Don’t worry if you do not have a Paypal account as you can still make a payment as “guest”.

If we have a payment method missing and you would like to pay using other means, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to help.

Where can I watch my enrolled classes?

After confirming your membership, you would instantly have access to all members-only courses. All you have to do is sign-in to your account, browse courses and click to watch them.


Guaranteed new video upload every week. Be ahead of the competition and learn the latest trending techniques and cake styles to create and offer to your clients.


Members are guaranteed buttercream technical support from us. Whether through our private group or by email, you can be assured a response from us.


All member will also benefit from a generous 20% discount on all our online Zoom classes and physical classes hosted by us.


What best way to reward you from finishing a course than your own certificate! You will be able to download your certificate, print and compile them all.

We will FULLY and COMPREHENSIVELY discuss the fundamentals of flower piping and breakdown the contents of our bestselling 100 Buttercream Flowers Book. We will show you the typical mistakes and how to rectify them. We will be creating drip contents and arrange in one category so you could easily navigate everything about flower piping.

This bonus alone could comprise of about 8-12 videos with a value of about £500+.

Progressive learning

We are very conscious about our students’ progress and we always keep this in mind whenever we conceptualize any class. Therefore, our academy is structured in such a way that it can cater to all levels of expertise while highly encouraging our students to progress their skills as well. Each month, you can expect…

First week of each month


Second week of each month


Third week of each month


Fourth week of each month


Choose your Plan

There are quite a lot of online cake decorating schools but not so much of (or maybe none) online school exclusively for buttercream. Not anymore! Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy is a comprehensive online cake decorating platform and the ONLY subscription you will ever need in exploring endless possibilities using buttercream as a decorating medium.

This is our passion and our expertise. See you all at class!




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Cancel anytime​




Cancel anytime​

Amazing value

Each course can also be bought individually for £40 each – Monthly subscription is almost half the price! Imagine how much you can save with a subscription?? (1month = 4 videos = £160!). More so, if you sign up for an annual membership, this guarantees you 52 cake tutorials for a year with a whopping value of £2,080! This does not even include other bonuses, discount values, fundamental skills and recipe videos plus the invaluable mentoring that we will provide you as well.

TOTAL SAVINGS = £2,500+++

***All our signature techniques will only be offered as attended or Zoom classes. NOT included in subscription.

❤️ I M P O R T A N T ❤️

Our Buttercream Academy is completely brand new, and it will be officially launched on February 14, 2022 and students will be able to already enjoy 4 videos then. Regular weekly video uploads will commence in March.

Edible Works of Art

We are so excited to build this Buttercream Academy with you! Together, we will push bounderies and explore new techniques.These are just some of our previous online classes that are available to purchase individually and gain unlimited access through a private Facebook Group.

Here's what our students say...

We have students worldwide who attended either physical or online classes and here are some of their amazing feedbacks.
They must have planned this class with great thought and sensitivity taking into consideration every learners learning needs from their vast experience of teaching world wide . They instructed the wrong way to do it then right way . This is a great help as when I did it I knew how yo rectify my mistakes easily .One thing about these girls they don’t hold back on their passion and their never ending tips and to how to create the perfect flower.
Adrianne West
3 Hours or so passed by quickly when you’re having fun! I’m an amateur baker but have always been intimidated with cake decorating. These Queens are true to their names, they have a heart to their craft that transcends to their mentorship. Their online classes are highly recommended! This course has bonus demos/tips on how to make your cake well made. Thank you Valeri and Christina for your dedication and generosity.
Adoracion Regina Vidal
I have little to no artistic abilities so “painting” on a cake I knew was going to be dang near impossible. But, not with these ladies. As usual they walked us through it and I was able to make and decorate my own painted cake which I did for my niece’s birthday. As intimidating as it looks, it was fairly easy to do. They teach so you can learn not just what they show you but also for you to take this information do more things with it. All of their techniques and skills build upon each other making the next class seem easier and easier.
Tabitha Mayo
initially I find this one very challenging as they look so pretty and seemed difficult to achieve, fortunately, these two lovely Queens made it fun and easy to follow in their online classes…. I now added my palette knife in my baking equipments that I collected over the years! I still got to practice what I learned from their class as I am still working full time as a nurse…. baking has been a hobby for me for awhile… the class was full of fun and the people that joined the online classes were all so friendly and supportive… more classes online soon
Arlene Acain

If they can do it...


A lot of our students are complete beginners and after enrolling in 1 or 2 (or a lot lol!) of our classes, they were surprised with their accomplishments. Their skills instantly leveled up from swirls to gorgeous realistic piped flowers…rustic textures to innovative effects…and a lot of them also turned from beginners to competition winners! From time to time, we also get emails from students who are just thankful that their customer base has definitely expanded as they stand out from the crowd. All praises aside, for us, the best part of teaching is the relationship we build with each of our students. Gratefully, our students are our cake friends and our Buttercream Academy is our sweet lovely home ❤️

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