There are quite a lot of online cake decorating schools but not so much of (or maybe none) online school exclusively for buttercream. Not anymore! Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes Buttercream Academy is a comprehensive online cake decorating platform and the ONLY subscription you will ever need in exploring endless possibilities using buttercream as a decorating medium.

Sugar Sprinkler

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£24.99 per Month

Butter Dreamer

Total Courses Value for 6months (26+ videos) is £1500++! AMAZING Value! Bi-annual Subscription

£134.90 every 6 Months

Lifetime Membership

You will get a LIFETIME ACCESS to a total of 85 PREMIUM videos (£40 each). That is a total value of £3,400 and you only have to pay £134.99. That is a crazy 96% DISCOUNT!

Cake Froster

FREE Membership with Limited Access
Number of courses 8686867
Basic Petal Strokes
Beautiful Bas Relief
Blooms on Basket
Bouquet on Barrel
Brush Painted Peonies
Buttercream Brushed Embroidery
Cake Construction
Charming Chrysanthemums
Classic Chocolate Cake
Classic Madeira Cake
Classic Vanilla Cake
Dainty Daisies
Delightful Hollyhocks
English Over-piping
Graham the Giraffe
Italian Meringue Buttercream
Marbled Masterpiece
Oh Sew Sweet!
Truly Tropical
Pouring Sprinkles Cake
The Cypresses
Pretty Posy
QoHCC Buttercream Recipe
Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Red Velvet Cake
Succulents on Driftwood
Stacking & Dowelling
Strawberry & Succulents
Ruffles Delight
Marvelous Mehndi
Under the Sea
Pretty Peonies
Summer Tulips
Pretty Purse
Sphere/Domed Cake Covering
Stunning Spanish Tiles
Summer Floral Fancy
Tree Stump Cake
Tropical Marvel
Vintage Roses, Stripes and Ruffles
Barrel Cake
Beautiful Birch
Beautiful Birdcage
Christmas Cupcake Wreath
Cozy in Pink
Cute Comic Cake
Cutie Pie Cake
Fantastic Floral Wreath
Fun Fairy House
Lemons & Blossoms
Lovely Log Cake
Mr. Snowman
Playful Baubles
Shades of Autumn
Awesome Autumn Leaves
Beautiful Macrame
Regal in Red
Totally Smitten
Wild Flowers
Marvelous Monochrome
Toile de Juoy
Gleaming Galaxy
Easy Overpiping
Country Cottage
Blue Flower Basket
Pompom Flowers
Golden Sunflowers
Fishes and Tangles
Succulent Garden
Hello, Panda
Stripes and Blossoms
Chic Crochet
Rose Royale
Lily of the Valley
Robins and Berries
Sunflowers & Pansies Embroidery
Contemporary Basketweave
Lavender Blooms
Spring Wreath
Wild Orchids
Pretty Pansies
Fiona The Fairy
Merry – Go – Round
Cute Cutouts
A Walk in the Park

With this first ever Food Grade CERTIFIED and ingenious Cake Cloth, you can get a flawless finish, simply by using the cloth to smooth any bumps or ridges in your crusting buttercream cake surface. From the simplest cakes to creating wedding cakes, exhibition cakes or cakes for large events, the result is Perfection!